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About us

Guangzhou Chuangzhan International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., founded in 2019, is a first-class freight forwarding company approved by the Ministry of Commerce and a member of the China Freight Association. Members of the company are all dedicated employees who have worked in the international operation industry for more than 12 years. The company is based in South China, and has many branches and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo and other places to escort customers from exports throughout the country. For a long time, the company has been working with China Southern Airlines, Air China, Navigation, Qatar Airlines, United Arab Emirates Airlines, Ezerbia Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Kenya Airlines.

  • Close cooperation and agency relationship with many airlines and shipping companies

  • We provide full service all over the world.

  • Stable accommodation and very competitive prices

  • Maintain good business cooperation with airport cargo terminal and customs authorities

  • FMS System for Efficient Logistics Information Management

  • Responsible customer service team to provide customers with quality services

international air transport

Air Transport provides safe, fast and efficient logistics services to customers at home and abroad with a professional attitu

sea freight

Maritime transport is the logistics transportation of import and export enterprises through the sea. Compared with air transp

Domestic Transport

Truck transportation service is an important participant in inland transportation. Its advantages are wide application, high

Warehousing and Customs Declaration

International warehousing is the warehousing service of trading companies in destination countries. Its most important signif


General cargo

Common goods are our most frequently transported goods, including toys, retail goods, automotive and electronic parts, paper products, etc.

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Frozen goods

We provide you with refrigerated transportation of goods including fruits and vegetables; protein products; fish and seafood; pharmaceuticals and so on.

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Special Goods

Our special cargo transportation program includes but is not limited to: chemical cargo and supernormal cargo! Safety and reliability are very important in transportation.

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dangerous goods

We have more than ten years'experience in the transportation of dangerous goods, whether pesticides, charcoal, batteries or other dangerous goods.

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News and Information

We offer stable accommodation and very competitive prices.

The company is equipped with FMS system which is familiar with the freight industry, realizes the real efficient logistics information management, and has a responsible customer service team. It has worked closely with carriers, customs and freight stations for many years to provide customers with comfortable international transport services with high quality service concept and reasonable freight rates.